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What if I told you we could reduce the cost of healthcare by a third of what we currently spend as a country – without lowering the quality of care? I know we can. I aim to start a movement toward better healthcare for everyone. But I can’t do it alone. By implementing changes like establishing baseline best practices, expanding access to care through technology, and providing the right incentives to all parties, we can save more lives while spending less. This is no fantasy – I’ve implemented programs with results like these at the healthcare systems where I’ve worked throughout my decades-long career. It starts with listening – to each other. We can begin this journey together by having an honest and civil conversation about what’s not working in healthcare and possible solutions for the problems we face. Then, we can align on fixing the system and truly unlock human potential to effect change. Improving quality in this way inevitably leads to reduced cost, better relationships, better health, and happier lives. My podcast, The Groves Connection, is about the conversations that unearth our common bond to fix healthcare and a shared hope for the future. Only through these dialogues can everyone get a full picture of the complexities of the system, as well as what’s required for sustainable change. By having a wide range of guests on my podcast series, I’m hoping we can learn where the middle ground is and discover a path for the needed change. Join me in this movement, become a part of the change, inspire others, and maybe, just maybe, we can finally end the gridlock that has bedeviled our healthcare system for too long. [link] Listen on Spotify Disclaimer: This is the personal site of Robert Groves, MD, and the materials included on this site and in The Groves Connection remain separate from his employer. The Groves Connection is not liable for personal opinions shared by podcast guests.

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