Dr. Elizabeth Markle - The Behavioral Pharmacy

Episode 32 July 19, 2022 00:59:08
Dr. Elizabeth Markle - The Behavioral Pharmacy
The Groves Connection
Dr. Elizabeth Markle - The Behavioral Pharmacy

Jul 19 2022 | 00:59:08


Show Notes

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Dr.Elizabeth Markle, Co-founder and Executive Director of Open Source Wellness.

Dr.Markle is an incredibly forward thinking and storied psychologist with years of experience with thousands of patients. She’s worked with patients struggling with everything from depression to diabetes, and in doing so she noticed an interesting trend; doctors were often prescribing behavioral changes, but there was no behavioral pharmacy to fill those prescriptions.


Patients aren’t expected to forage for their own medications in the wild, so why should they be expected to magically manifest the support systems needed to enable radical behavioral changes? Dr.Markle decided to create a community-focused system of care which gives patients an effective set of resources to do all of the things their doctors recommend, like reducing stress, focus on nutrition, or exercise more. 


I found my conversation with Dr.Markle fascinating. Her unique perspective illuminates issues with the United States’ healthcare system from a new angle, exposing issues with equity, community support, and even some unexpected consequences of patient confidentiality. She’s a charismatic and much needed voice in healthcare today, and her approach to healthcare is clever, new, and powerfully effective.


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