Hal Andrews - Wrestling With the Future

Episode 17 October 26, 2021 01:19:29
Hal Andrews - Wrestling With the Future
The Groves Connection
Hal Andrews - Wrestling With the Future

Oct 26 2021 | 01:19:29


Show Notes

Hal Andrews is the CEO of Trilliant Health. I first met Hal when I came to Nashville to interview Sanjula Jain for episode 13 of TGC, an episode I highly recommend for those of you interested in the future of healthcare analytics. I knew I wanted to spend more time with Hal and discover what led him to form and lead this company.

Trilliant leverages mountains of data from a variety of sources to support evidence-based delivery system strategy. In my first informal meeting with Hal it became clear that his company is a different kind of analytics company. Using sophisticated AI applied to demographic, psychographic, and healthcare-specific data, Trilliant predicts consumer/patient demand and drives communication strategy at a hyper-local level. The result is actionable market-specific insight that maximizes the delivery systems ability to invest wisely in the future.

In this episode we follow his early career, how he found his way into healthcare and the mentors and principles that continue to guide him today. Many of the predictions made contradict conventional wisdom. Why is hospital demand flat or decreasing in spite of the wave of seniors now turning 65 every day and the rise of chronic disease? Why is traditional telemedicine NOT a good digital front door strategy? Are patients really consumers? If so, what does that predict about their behavior? Perhaps only a CEO with a background in the music industry and a brief stint staffing a professional wrestling tour can answer these questions. Listen in to find out. Ready to connect?

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