They call me Regi, with Dr. Herzlinger

Episode 10 July 06, 2021 NaN
They call me Regi, with Dr. Herzlinger
The Groves Connection
They call me Regi, with Dr. Herzlinger

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Dr. Regina Herzlinger is the Godmother of healthcare consumerism, and a champion of healthcare innovation. She was the first woman to become a tenured professor at Harvard Business School, and the first woman chair at Harvard, where she still teaches today. Titans of business and healthcare have found inspiration in her innovation courses, where she shares unmatched experience.

Serving on the boards of some of the most influential companies in the field while simultaneously creating, she and her physicist husband have developed innovative solutions that have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

We discuss:


It's your money. Don't you want more control over how it is spent? Listen to the voice of experience as she shares decades of wisdom hard won. #healthcare #innovation #inspiration

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